Access to EMME is restricted to authorized users only. If you do not have an EMME account, please visit this page EMME System Account.

EMME Documentation

EMME runs locally on your computer but retrieves a licence by connecting to the licence server hosted at the Data Management Group using the Secure Shell (SSH) method. Here are the steps to run EMME:

1. Download EMME Installer, Secure Shell Method Instructions and EMME Installation Guide.

2. Please contact DMG to obtain a login with password, a designated IP address and an activation code. The login and IP address are used to connect to the EMME licence server at the DMG. The activation code is used to obtain an authorization file from INRO, which is required to be installed on the local computer running EMME.

3. Install PuTTy and set up your session to connect to the EMME licence server at the DMG. Please refer to page 4 to page 13 of the Secure Shell Method Instructions.

4. If you already have EMME 3 access, you now have access to either version that you need to specify which version to use. To do so, open your browser and type in the URL field to the EMME Licence Service page. You should be already under the tab Switch Active Group. Use the drop down menu to change Active group to EMME, and click Change.

5. Install EMME following the EMME Installation Guide. After the installation, start the INRO Software Manager (ISM). Click the Authorize button and select Over the Internet to request the authorization file online. Enter the activation code provided by DMG. Once you click Request authorization file, your browser will open with the INRO web site and you are required to log in using your INRO account. If you do not have one, please contact DMG. Once you log in, an authorization file will be provided to you in an email and you can save it on your computer.

6. Once you have the authorization file, restart ISM and click the Authorize. button again. This time you can select the option I already have an authorization file and locate the authorization file you saved on your computer. ISM will then show the licence number. Under Licence Service, click Connect. If you still have the EMME Licence Service page open in your browser, refresh the page and you will see yourself connected. You are now ready to use EMME.

7. Remember to disconnect when EMME is not in use. The licence is not released until you disconnect.

Description File Size
Secure Shell Method Instructions 1.0 MB
Putty Installer (Windows SSH Client) Download PuTTY 1.0 MB
EMME 4.4.3 64-bit Application
for Windows 10, 8 and Server 2019, 2016, 2012
Download EMME 4.4.3 64-bit 574 MB
EMME 4.4.3 Installation Guide – February 2020 5.3 MB
EMME 4.4.3 System Requirements – February 2020 5.6 MB
EMME 4.4.2 64-bit Application Download EMME 4.4.2 64-bit 570 MB
EMME 4.4.2 Installation Guide – September 2019 5.4 MB
EMME 4.4.2 System Requirements – September 2019 5.5 MB