Open data is an initiative that organizations release certain data for free to the public. The data can be used for any purpose, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. The information can be used, reused and redistributed, as long as it meets the Data Management Group licence agreement.

The DMG will not release any information that violates any privacy rights.

There are two types of data available at the Data Management Group: the Transportation Tomorrow Survey data and the Cordon Count data. Upon downloading the data you have agreed to the Data Management Group Data Licence Agreement, seen below.

Download TTS Data
Download Cordon Count Data

Data Management Group Open Data Licence Agreement

You are encouraged to use and re-use the Information that is available under this licence, freely and flexibly, with only a few conditions.

Using Information Under This Licence

  • Your use of information indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions below.
  • This licence does not affect any copyright exceptions or limitations available under the Copyright Act (Canada).

You are Free To:

  • Copy, publish, distribute and transmit the Information
  • Adapt the information
  • Use the Information commercially, for example, by combining it with other information, or by including it in your own product or application

When using information under this licence, please :

  • Ensure that you do not misrepresent the information or its source
  • Acknowledge the source of the information
  • Ensure that your use of the information complies with all applicable laws and is not harmful to others

No warranty

  • The information is licensed ‘as is’ and the Data Management Group excludes all representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities, whether express or implied, in relation to the information.
  • The Data Management Group does not guarantee that the information will be available in any particular format nor that the information will continue to be available.
  • The University of Toronto, the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute, the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering, the Data Management Group and its funding agencies are not liable for any errors or omissions in the information and will not, under any circumstances, be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or other loss, injury or damage caused by its use, even if specifically advised of the possibility of such loss, injury or damage.

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