2011, 2006, 1996 & 1986 Travel Survey Summaries

Fourth Report of the 2011 TTS Series

The 2011 Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS) is the largest and most comprehensive travel survey ever conducted in Ontario or perhaps anywhere in North America. The TTS data contains detailed demographic on all members of a surveyed household and a ledger of travel information over an entire weekday. This report summarizes the demographic characteristics and travel pattern data information for the whole survey area and each of these 20 municipalities.

The PDF files are best viewed with Internet Explorer or Chrome. A definition of terms is displayed interactively. Simply hold the cursor over the variable in question and a pop-up box will display the information. If the pop-up boxes do not work properly with your web browser, please download the file and view it in Adobe Reader.

Transportation Tomorrow Survey Area Map

Report Name File Size
Full Report including all 20 Municipality Summaries 73.2 MB
Introduction, Overview of TTS Data, and Description of the Report Format. 292 KB
Travel Summary for Transportation Tomorrow Survey Area 693 KB
City of Barrie 3.3 MB
City of Brantford 3.1 MB
City of Guelph 3.3 MB
City of Hamilton 3.3 MB
City of Kawartha Lakes 3.2 MB
City of Orillia 3.3 MB
City of Peterborough 3.2 MB
City of Toronto 3.6 MB
County of Brant 3.2 MB
County of Dufferin 3.3 MB
County of Peterborough 3.2 MB
County of Simcoe 3.2 MB
County of Wellington 3.3 MB
Regional Municipality of Durham 3.5 MB
Regional Municipality of Halton 3.5 MB
Regional Municipality of Niagara 3.4 MB
Regional Municipality of Peel 3.4 MB
Regional Municipality of Waterloo 3.4 MB
Regional Municipality of York 3.5 MB
Town of Orangeville 3.3 MB